When working with content production for your website it is important to apply a strategic approach, which will help you succeed in communicating your message to the target audience. Let´s take a look at the key elements of an efficient content strategy.

Content on mobile device

Hälften av alla sökningar sker från mobila enheter. Hur fungerar din story på dessa?

Who are you and what´s your story?

In order for you to connect to your target audience, and to give readers of your site a chance to ´connect´ to you and your brand, it is critical that a good sense of your brand ´identity´ is quickly communicated. This is most effectively delivered through a combination of short descriptive texts, pictures and imagery etc. Be aware that minute details in color template, conceptual designs and layout also play an important role in these, often sub-conscious, first impressions.

Who cares and why should more people care?

Given the hurried way in which we all tend to shift through the endless amounts of information on the web today – ´getting to the point´ of your online presence is a priority. Remind yourself that the reader is impatient and that the main point of your website should become almost immediately obvious. In presenting your main point – whether a product or a service – make sure you highlight its relevance to your target audience and why your services/product is attractive to the intended consumer.

How important is your story?

While your story may be an integral part of your brand identity, make sure you also consider exactly how important it really is. One also needs to consider where and when your story is important. Balancing your efforts to connect to your target site visitors/ customers with the necessary focus on your actual purpose – i.e. your product and/or services – takes careful consideration.
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