Social media marketing poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities for brands. The opportunities include a deeper connection with your customers, a personalization of your brand in the eyes of your target audience and encouraging your audience to share and promote your brand.

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Snapchat is a very popular social media application among young people in Sweden and globally. This time-sensitive, self-destructing photo-sharing means of communication became so popular that the number of photos sent daily on Snapchat is higher than the number of photos shared on Instagram. Approximately 350 million snaps are sent daily, compared to Instagram’s 55 million uploads. That’s why Snapchat has received generous offers from Google and Facebook for $3 billion for which they replied thank you, but no thank you and will aim to reach their full potential on their own.

Snapchat is also quite a controversial tool that kids used to use to share pornographic images, known as ‘sexting phenomenon’. Because the application is commonly used by younger generations, many adults disapprove of their children’s use of Snapchat. Another controversy is a lack of information about archiving users’ sent messgages. Snapchat’s own documentation states that the company’s servers retain a log of the last 200 “snaps” that were sent and received, but no actual content is stored. If the file is not viewed by the recipient, it remains on Snapchat’s servers for 30 days.

Is Snapchat for your business?

The application offers a unique alternative to shouting above the crowd to get your message heard. But with its disappearing image content and one-to-few posting limitations, it might seem that it’s not suited to brand marketing at all.

Although, what is considered as Snapchat’s limitations can be, in fact, utilised to make even stronger connections with niche segments of your target market. Because Snapchat images disappear shortly after they’re posted, people may respond more impulsively and take action on a Snapchat campaign. To get a more detailed perspective on the brand marketing potential for Snapchat, Resultify analysed pros and cons of Snapchat campaigns.


Some success stories

tacoSnapchat has been used by big brands all over the world such as Taco Bell.

Everything started with a tweet where users were asked to friend the brand on Snapchat.  The next day only they could receive a ‘secret announcement’ about a new product.

Other interesting example is innovative approach of a brand 16 Handles that sent snaps that served as an immediate discount. All users did was to show the snap directly to cashiers.

And the bottom line…?

As John Ramirez, CEO of digital marketing firm IOKON Media mentioned:

“If you only have a few seconds to see someone’s content before it’s gone, you’re really going to pay attention to that content. “


Promotions that take advantage of the power of social media are cost-effective and carry your message to new audiences. Short-term visual messaging has very specific applications, but maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence is crucial in today’s market. So if you are a company that thrives to actively engage with a young audience this is the tool for you. This kind of demographic can be difficult to reach through other social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

The critical factor for a brand to understand is to determine when  to solicit snaps from your customers without need to archive them. That means Snapchat needs to be supported with other channels. There is also a question how to accurately measure  its key metrics such as the number of snaps, number of screenshots of brand’s snaps, promoting people’s Snapchat screen names, etc. Nevertheless Snapchat is definitely going to grow opportunities for innovative brands to leverage the platform bringing marketing results.

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