Jesper is from Denmark and speaks danish most of the time. In Sweden, particularly south Sweden, people tend to understand danish but since about 50% of the Resultifyers today are non-swedes (me included), we did this in English. Thats how it works in an international office. Anyways, we are very proud to present Jesper Fuglsang

Jesper Fuglsang - Resultify

Jesper Fuglsang – Senior digital marketer at Resultify

What does the future of digital marketing hold?

We are just in the beginning of understanding data and digital story planning. Building data management platforms and including the clients own data will be the next big thing. We have talked about omni channel marketing for a while, but few are able to really push the envelope.

Creativity needs to fit into this communications process and thereby the process needs to embrace stories in the creative process. In 2020 most of our communications are based on rules and tech – tech and innovation will be the new branding.

This does´t mean that creativity is dead – it means that creativity will become more personalized and fragmentet. The second thing is understanding the new rules of organic power. Vbloggers, Istagramers, twitters, co-branding and business partnerships are all activities we need to recognise and include in our communication. In 2020 we will see a focus within sharing data and social platforms to avoid traditional ineffective paid advertising.

A thought; In the present we have some kids saying “I want to be a professional blogger when I get old!”
In 2020 parents will actually approve. 🙂

What on your CV do you take the most pride in?

I´m proud of the diversity of my CV. I startet of being a Research Planner and thereby understanding how to ask the right questions and finding good insights. This gave me understanding of the clients business and communications-related challenges, which was – and still are – the foundation to my approach as digital and communications marketer.

What or which role do you take upon yourself in meetings?

Meaningful meetings is when the clients “dive into” the meeting and really respond positive to the ideas and thoughts. I love being the marketer who really shows enthusiasm and passion about the business and the project at hand.

What are you expecting from your new colleagues at Resultify?

Well, I have been in the media and advertising world in 15 years in Copenhagen. I am really looking forward to indulge myself into value based digital communication. The Resultify framework and DNA – understanding the value of holistic communication – is very exciting and something most marketers are talking about. Sadly very few are actually doing it!

What do you do for fun?

I have 3 kids (7 years,5 years and 2 years old). It´s hard work, but the small special moments when you laugh with them, mean the world to me.

Do you have any ambitions that you wish you could focus more on?

I dream of having a small place in Sweden close to a lake. I love fishing and just having a space of silence and thoughtfulness – a book, a fireplace and no digital media screaming for my attention.

Do you have an inner nerd that is fighting to get out?

I have recently launched a new social app; The Puzz app. When I´m writing stuff and planning our next steps, then time flyes! The Puzz app is my get-a-way within my passion for communication and marketing.
Oh by the way – Read about it at, or download it in app store (puzz app) 🙂