While many business owners and start-ups may be reluctant about having to spread their online efforts across many different platforms – often having started with Facebook and Instagram – much can be said of the benefits of including Pinterest to these efforts. This, not least, as the Pinterest platform and concept seems almost ideally suited for product based business and – given it´s “social online shopping experience” – aligns itself with overall media trends.
Most private users of Pinterest will come actively looking for products and pricing information with a preparedness to make a purchase. It has been found that pins that include price information receive 36% more likes and that 69% of users have already bought or wanted to buy products found via the service. Such numbers attests directly to the potential of applying Pinterest as an efficient sales portal for commercial products and services.

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Getting started

When getting started using Pinterest it might be well worth considering to register a ´business account´ with the service, as this will help make your business appear more professional and serious and, at the same time, provide you with more tools to further your results. Also, with the ´business´ setup you can apply several additional tools and services to promote a successful Pinterest presence; among these are: Pinstamatic, nurse Pigora, and Pinpuff etc.

When you start using Pinterest in promoting your business you should make sure to carefully monitor your progress with Pinterest Analytics. This feature helps you track and keep statistics on connections to your website and how many are in fact looking at your pins – all information you can use for improving on pins for your target users. To increase the exposure of your website make sure you employ lots of good and ´pinnable´ picture material, to motivate visitors to start pinning from your site.
Essential to optimising pinning for your benefit is to make good use of the available tools. From ´Pinterest Goodies´ you can easily get all the most important features. First of all, make sure you get the Pin It Bookmarklet, as it allows you to pin any video or picture you like online. Another critical tool is the “Pin It”-button which – when applied to your own website – will enable any visitors to pin whatever they like from your website, thereby helping increase exposure and visibility of your site and your product.

Study audience, targets and competition

As with any commercial advertising efforts – whether online or not – it is important that you spend time ´getting to know´ and understand the needs and wants of your potential customers. Thorough research on the demographics and overall habits of your target group(s) will help you create better and more interesting boards and pins for your audience to follow and share with others. Also, promoting regular or recurring contests can be an efficient way to increase your number of followers while increasing exposure of your brand. Several applications, such as Votigo or Woobox, can help you easily set up competitions with Pinterest.
In order to get a ´feel´ for what you might need to do to keep increasing your numbers of followers and improving engagement with the ´community ´ it may be a good idea to simply look at the competition for inspiration. Indeed, as Pinterest is a vibrant ´community´, it will be beneficial to also follow other brands – even the competition – and to build relationships with other users; basically to “engage”. Do take time to reply to and appreciate comments to your pins from users who, of course, are also your potential customers. Basically, it is all about getting involved and making yourself visible.