When buying online media reach and ads, what can you do to make sure your chosen media partner is at the ´top of the game´ and doing what they are supposed to? Below we give you a few tips on requirements to keep in mind and questions you should ask yourself and your media partner.


Is my media-partner available to me?

This may seem like a mundane question. However, as a very first and very telling indicator of the quality and integrity of a give media partner is to assess to what extent that partner is available to listen and to help you directly.

For instance:

  • Look for testimonials. What have others said of the company´s services in the past?
  • Does their Customer Service keep more-or-less the same working hours as you do?
  • If you call will your call be picked up, or at least followed-up by a prompt return call?
  • Does your enrollment with the partner include manuals or other support material?
  • Does your media partner offer trainings? If fees apply, are they fair?

Am I getting relevant statistics and info?

Nowadays, you should keep in mind that online traffic is generally cheap and easy to generate and, at the same time, not necessarily all that important to you on its own. Also, metrics such as downloads, streams and page views are often outright irrelevant. What is relevant is deciding your KPIs and following up on them, making sure that your efforts are paying off.

What really matters to most online businesses, however, is visitor retention/ bounce rates – or, in other words, “time spent” on your website by individual visitors. It is important that your media partner can provide you with critical information that relates to actual ´engagement´ of the target audience of your website and, thereby, ensure continued optimization of your advertising impact. So, demand answers that unearth real information about how your users spend their time on your site and how much – this is what really helps you succeed!

Search, Social or Brand?

As the different ways in which consumers find and interact with online content can be broadly categorized under the terms ´Search, Social or Brand´, make sure your media partner is aware and considering your needs and ideal solutions.

To explain it briefly:
Depending on the device used (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.) the modalities will differ and the psychology of how to efficiently interact must be understood. Obviously, an ad placed on a trending tablet site with e.g. millions of downloads will hold much more value than one featuring on a website normally used for keyword searches from desktop computers. This type of information is critical in mapping out your online reach and advertising strategy and you must trust your media partner to take all in account in devising the optimal approach for your brand.

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